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Cuisine Noir Features Mrs. Universe Juanita Ingram

Juanita Ingram Builds Purpose Into Travel With Focus on Representation

For the past 12 years, Juanita Ingram and her family have embraced living abroad and all the cultural and personal growth benefits that come along with it.

The Tennessee native first moved to London when her husband’s job promotion in 2011, followed by Taiwan and their current home in Singapore. “Singapore is such a melting pot and it’s like London; everybody is here. It’s so refreshing being here and being African American because nobody cares.”

With a true passion for travel and experiencing life through diverse cultures, Ingram is about exposing others, especially African Americans, to a global lifestyle while providing tips, information and resources to help navigate through challenges and opportunities that come along with doing so.

Receiving a New Vision

Before there were planes and trains to exciting international destinations, foods with distinct flavors and cultural norms outside her own, Ingram was a successful corporate attorney, having earned her law degree from the University of Memphis and previously a bachelor’s in accounting from Tennessee State University.

Being a lawyer was all Ingram imagined herself to be, and she worked hard to bring that vision to pass. However, a seed was planted early in her marriage when she and her husband decided to go to Italy for their honeymoon, both leaving the United States for the first time.

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